1. K.N.I. offers excellent courses, delivered through teaching of the highest quality.
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  3. K.N.I. provides a supportive and stimulating environment in which students can thrive.
  4. K.N.I. is truly diverse, drawing students from all over the country and benefitting from an extraordianry culture.


The methodology of teaching adopted at KNI is based on Teaching- Learning process. It involves Lectures,Assignments, Case studies, Project work, Quizzes, Group Discussions, Seminars, Industrial tours. There is a strong emphasis on intellect, soft skills and interpersonal skills. In addition to course modules, the students are taught communication skills, foreign languages to face the challenging international environment. KNI puts strong focus on "E.Q" (Emotional Quotient).


The curriculum emphasize on the person and personality rather than concentrating on theoretical concepts. Besides class room lectures, group discussions, seminars, programmed learning assignments, presentations and business games, opportunities are provided through the use of “ICT” (Integrated Communication Techniques) to offer opportunities of skill and knowledge up-gradation to students, working professionals and all those who can benefit from such delivery systems. Weaker students are subjected to extra classes, bridge courses, classes on soft skills and on computer knowledge modules.



What would you say to the new-comers at K.N.I?

To all the new-comers I have just one suggestion, make the most of it! Every minute that you spend here is a learning experience. And let me assure you, most of the learning will not come from books.



B.B.A. II Sem

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