1. K.N.I. offers excellent courses, delivered through teaching of the highest quality.
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  3. K.N.I. provides a supportive and stimulating environment in which students can thrive.
  4. K.N.I. is truly diverse, drawing students from all over the country and benefitting from an extraordianry culture.


Prominent amongst all games that are played in the Institute are Cricket, Badminten, Football, Vollyball.
Adeuate facilities for other games like Volleyball, etc. are also present. The campus playground hosts most cricket, football tournaments and intra-institute matches. Athletics, Halk Marathons, Tug-of-war and other sporting events are a regular feature here. A Sports teacher Committee handles these events, as also the day-to-day requirements of consumables like shuttlecocks, balls, nests etc. On the badminton front, we have floodlit indoor and outdoor courts.




What is the sports scenario at K.N.I.?

I love the sports scene at K.N.I. The standarde of sport here is high and so is the involvement of students from all disciplines in the campus. The Intra-campus cricket & Badminton matches are the most looked-forward events.





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