1. K.N.I. offers excellent courses, delivered through teaching of the highest quality.
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  3. K.N.I. provides a supportive and stimulating environment in which students can thrive.
  4. K.N.I. is truly diverse, drawing students from all over the country and benefitting from an extraordianry culture.
Our Resurces


Laboratories and computing facilities are an integral part of the curricula at K.N.I. They are important in support of teaching and research activities. The facilities offered will be of great importance to you. Computer labs with latest Hardware and software that add up to more than 50 with internet facility.

well-stocked and separate libraries for each discipline, wide range of equipment for Microbiology and Biotechnology, Management, Computer Science seminar & conference halls for management discussions.




What has been your experience at K.N.I?

Learning is not just confined to classrooms; discussions with teachers outside, studying on stairs or sitting in the lawns, or interacting over a cup of coffee..... Learning at K.N.I. is a thoroughly enjoyable experience


Nidhi Bajaj


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