1. K.N.I. offers excellent courses, delivered through teaching of the highest quality.
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  3. K.N.I. provides a supportive and stimulating environment in which students can thrive.
  4. K.N.I. is truly diverse, drawing students from all over the country and benefitting from an extraordianry culture.
Personality Development Program


Regular Personality Development Programmes are organized in the Institute to help the students to nourish their whole personality to the full extent. Its activities include gearing up students for group discussions, interview and add analytical skills through role plays and practical case studies. The academic curriculum also comprises of Debates, Extempore, Quizzes, Seminars etc. Such activities enhance the knowledge of students and improve their quality life planning, organizing, co-operation, initiative and sense of responsibility. These qualities help them in final settlement of their career. Besides these activities Guest lectures are also being organized by eminent personalities to enhance the knowledge of students.



Whats your favourite activity after classes?

I like the fact we are so close to the Cantonment area. My favourite retreat is Crystal World just behind our college just a few minutes there fill me up with renewed energy to come back to the maddening chaos of lectures, dissertations, projects, preparing for cultural events and a demanding set of my friends who always wants more of my time.


Megha Jain

B.Sc. Biotech II Year

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